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In the 21th century, Happy Family Doors Co.,Ltd is moving into product diversification, management standardization and business model for enterprise.

On the basis of following the trend of the times, Happy Family Doors Co.,Ltd determined the high-tech developmental direction of steel and wooden door. It developed and produced 4 series including more than 80 different middle to high class doorsuccessively, and obtained many national patents, which made the door of our company become perfect product combining modeling technologies, practical value,classical style and modern science and technology. So the doors are the best choice of office,villa, apartment and house.

Four reasons to juin us

1.Powerful development advantage

Obtain many national patents of surface,lock and hinge structure of door, always giving you fresh and new feelings

2.Qwn many new technologies, occupy cost highlands

We aren’t afraid of low price! We lower the cost rationally and efficiently through new technologies .

3.Complete qualification, no-worried project.

With the fireproofing certificate of steel, wood and steel-wood, we provide enough for you.

4.Large manufacturer’s price system

We have the ambition to become bigger and stronger, and scrictly abide by large manufacturer’s price system. You don’t need to worry backyard fire.

Unified brand:use the “happy family” mark, dealers can use the formal mark for free, enjoy the fine public image.

Unified store design:According to the headquarters of VI design requirements,company will design uniformly or you can do it yourself to form "Happy Family" rapid expansion momentum all over the country, and constantly improve the "Happy Family" brand image.

Unified advertising:The company will continue to publish advertisements in the network platform, well-known magazines and other publications, so that the "Happy Family" brand continues to spread throughout the country.

Unified opening mode :In the opening day, company will provide leaflet, "Happy Family" word-of-mouth publicity and free publicity materials books later.

Unified marketing step:Based on market changes, social development, and many other factors that affect the development, company will timely and accurately adjust development strategies, flexibly grasp business opportunities and make brand promotion strategies and promotion policies of different periods.

Unified operating management :HQ has an impeccable formal management system, business technology and charming management mode, HQ will concretely operate according to the practical situation.

Unified promotion of new products:Company will launch new products every season, and help dealers promote the new products to let the new products bring more profit.

Follow-up training support:Company has powerful system of technology training support. We will provide franchises different kinds of professinoal training services to make sure the franchises keep high and stable technology according to practical needs.

Operating management support:During the process of joining us, we will provide management guidance and operational guidance. We also provide franchises support and services about special operation.

Marketing support:Company will make feasible promotion plans for franchises in view of different period and stages.

Guidance support:Company will regularly or irregularly sent technicians to franchises to conduct on-site inspection, evaluation, supervision and provide guidance services for product knowledge, implementation degree of system standardization, management effection and so on. We carry out regional manager responsibility system, which means responsible persons in the area of the franchise store should be responsible for regular telephone communication and on-site visits, and coordinately solve the different problems.

Transportation support:Company will find a freight company with appropriate price and good services. We will solve the damage during transportation together. Join condition Franchisees should be engaged in building materials, have stable business sites and be qualified with a certain number of liquidity and management ability.

Process of joining us


In following the trend of the times, based on the Happy Family Doors Co.,Ltd, established a high –grade steel doors ,wooden doors direction of the high-tech industry development, has developed and produced four series of more than 80 varieties of high-grade “HAPPY FAMILY” brand the high-grade security doors, steel fireproof doors, wooden fireproof doors, steel wooden fireproof doors, steel doors, solid wood doors, a number of national patents ,so that the production of “HAPPY FAMILY” brand of various entrance doors become modeling technical and practical value, classic style and modern technology the perfect combination of product, is an ideal choice of office, villas , apartments, houses.
Happy Family Doors Co.,Ltd has a capable management team, now has senior technical staff of hundreds of people, personnel structure gradually knowledgeable and professional, making the scale of capital, technology content and credibility to the extraordinary rate of increase, Achieve better economic efficiency at the same time ,it has won and the community of users around the same recognition and praise, We will continue to forge ahead, toward the group, scale, technology, market-oriented path courageously forward.


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